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March 08, 2013


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Ruth Whiter

Isn't this an issue for our identity as missionary disciples? I've often wondered: Did Jesus ever feel shy? Approaching the Samaritan woman at the well would have induced shyness in any Jewish boy; did a disciplined prayer life overcome this? Because that's the message I've often picked up - if I got close enough to God, I would be able to approach any stranger and generate small talk to make them feel comfortable. In Post-Christendom, talking to strangers seems to be the highest calling there is, but we're not all very good at it.

Phil Hill

As an introvert myself, I sympathize with the general theme of this article. However, I demur at the suggestion that introverts generally 'take heed not take risks.' Introvertism can create the inner space for deeper and more original thought, and therefore more radical strategies for action than those for whom popular acceptance matters more. One may, in short, be bold as well as introverted.

Chris Hall

Thanks Neil for posting this. As an introvert I have found this quite inspiring. Will definitely try to get hold of Susan's book.


John Gatenby

Probably why Pentecost happened. To sort out the introverts.

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