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June 26, 2012


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Graham Pestridge

Speak up - appear to be difficult - challenge - why change the ways of a lifetime!!


Speak up Neil and encourage those who will be with you to do the same

If it isn't right - there is a lot at stake

Maybe there is need for more patience to go at God's pace

Indifference is not an option

Jeremiah 1: 7


Thank you for your honesty in this post. It is a tough time/place for all involved...

Someone recently said to me "I bet you're glad you're in BUS now" in relation to all of this. They were jesting but I think it said something about something.

I am minded that if one part of the Body of Christ suffers the whole suffer, and so in some measure I 'ache' with all those on Council as they wrestle with these ideas. Will keep all in my prayers... even if I'm not quite sure what or how to pray (other than for wisdom and grace)

Neil Brighton

I will speak up, but I will also try to be positive. If there is a cause for hope it is that many members of Council are going with a sense of concern; and a gracious, listening and prayerful environment always has potential.

And let's not forget that all of the proposed outcomes involve people's jobs disappearing.


Dear BU Council, these next two days are your moment to grieve what is and imagine an inspiring new future for baptists after 400 years.

Will you choose a future with BMS World Mission? Will you shape an inspiring missional vision for us all to affirm? Will the changes you decide make a transforming difference to our country? Will you release a new wave of mission?

God bless and put courage into you. This is not an exercise or a practice. This is not a time for for inward looking re-ordering and fiddling.


Please do speak up if we get this wrong now we will probably have to revisit it sooner rather than later

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